Welcome! Starting 17 November 2017, I entered the "semi" retired phase of my life after decades of serving a host of high-tech firms starting as a tech writer, and then a press relations manager.  


I started my career in the early 80s with Computer Automation, and then worked for Rockwell International Semiconductors Division, PDA Engineering, Intel Corporation [1993-2006], and finally Autodesk [2007 - 17 Nov 2017].


During my years at Intel I worked for the broadcast team where I developed a love for radio.  Today I am keeping that passion alive by appearing each month on the Computer America Show as the team's Science and Technology Trends Correspondent.  Click the "Computer America Radio" tab to hear my appearances on the show, and access the show notes packed with lots of great information.  And, starting June 7, 2019 I began making appearances on the Mark Mason show, KEX 1190 AM, Portland, Oregon. 

Today I'm available to provide spot project support in PR, podcast production, and general marketing communications.  My 10 years of service to Autodesk introduced me to the world of Architecture, Engineering and Construction [AEC] technology.  I'm always open to project work in that field. 

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